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We provide registration services for a number of domain types,, .com, .info, .org,, .net, ...etc. If you would like to find out more, then click here

Our very competitive annual registration fees start at 12+VAT for a domain or 18+VAT for a .com domain, (these are based upon current registration fees set by the appropriate organisations).

Should you require information regarding our domain name registration service, contact us, we are only to happy to help.

Tips for Choosing Your Domain Name

Keep it Simple - The shorter the name the better, domain names increase in value when they decrease in length.

Use Commonly used Words - the more frequently a word is used in everyday conversation, the more likely it is that people will remember the address of your domain.

Extension - The most poular domain is the .com, however in the UK many companies are adopting the domain, this is now becoming well known with web surfers in the UK. If they are both available, it is worth considering registering both. If you register there is always the possibility that your competitor will register and point it at his website. Its always worth remembering this when thinking about the domain name you are registering. Most people will automatically think and type ".com" when going to a website, and you don't want your customers going to your competitor by mistake.


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Note:- Only use letters, numbers and hyphens in a domain name.

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Find out how to register this Domain in your name and ensure it's yours for as long as you keep up the registration, contact Dontech and speak to one of our advisors to learn how to make it happen.